Your Next Employee May Be Your Current Employee
By: Jessica Balagtas
Every company aspires to hire the top and best candidate for a vacant job position. Although hiring new people from outside the organization can improve the business by bringing fresh perspectives and expertise, there are also many advantages to hiring your current employees.

The process of filling job openings within a company with applicants from its present personnel is known as internal hiring. When employing internal talent, as opposed to external recruiting, which entails searching outside the company for qualified individuals, a current employee may be transferred from one team to another or promoted to a newly established role. Internal recruiting is a strategy that companies of all sizes may utilize to fill important roles with experienced personnel.

Employees are more likely to put more effort into their work and stay with the company for a long time if they see that you genuinely give them the possibility to improve or progress in their professions. Additionally, keeping track of internal employees' performance is much simpler because they are well-aware of the company's principles and culture. FastJobs offers you advice in this article on how to enhance your internal hiring procedure.

Making it easier for people to find a job internally
than externally

Organizations are more affected than ever when top staff with years of experience leaves their companies. Teams that are remote or hybrid often suffer the most from the loss of relationships, skills, and knowledge. Additionally, lack of possibilities for promotion is one of the main causes of employee attrition. Employees are 10x more likely to be looking for a new job when they feel their skills aren't being utilized in their current position.

Today's leaders must embrace internal mobility and incorporate it into their comprehensive hiring strategy in order to overcome this. In addition to encouraging hiring teams and managers to draw from the competent talent pool they currently have to fill open positions, this can be achieved by normalizing internal hiring and establishing internal growth pathways that are congruent with employees' career objectives.
Equipping employees to take career development
into their own hands

To move forward in their careers, employees need to know:

  • What new abilities do employees need to develop in order to advance in their careers?
  • What areas require improvement?
  • What are their strongest areas of skill?
  • And how do they locate the appropriate educational materials to advance in their goals?
According to research, since 2015, the skill sets required for employment have changed by about 25%, demonstrating how quickly the talents people need to thrive in their careers are evolving. This number is projected to double by 2027. Employees require a solution that begins with them, one that takes into account both who they are today and who they want to be tomorrow.
Hiring the right people — faster — based on what
matters to them

Even though it's possible that the present employee will become the next hire, it's still important to be able to identify the proper talent elsewhere. Companies discover that the hiring standards they employ should have a significant impact on the culture they develop. For this reason, FastJob made a number of modifications to make it easier for you to locate and recruit the best personnel.

Organizations need tools that support their internal hiring and career development plans more comprehensively in order to compete in the modern workplace. Organizations may weather any economic downturn by adopting alternative hiring criteria and working with their current personnel to develop new abilities that will help them thrive.

These are only some of the needed information and reminders that every employer that is looking for a qualified applicant should know, especially one that is considering internal hiring. Keep posted on the FastJobs App or website for the latest applicant tips and hiring updates based on your desired job talent and qualifications.

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