Wage Increase in the Philippines
By: Samantha Caparas
If the Regional Board determines that the circumstances make such differentiation appropriate and necessary to carry out the intent of the Labor Code; it may set different minimum wage levels for various industries within the relevant region. According to a survey of the most recent wage orders, separate rates are typically set for various industries, which are primarily categorized into non-agricultural, agricultural, retail, and service industries. The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board of each of the Philippines' 17 regions sets the regional minimum wage rates.

According to Mercer's annual Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) 2022, employees in the Philippines may anticipate a median 5.5% increase in their pay for the year 2023, up from a 5.3% increase the previous year. Between April and June of last year, the TRS surveyed 447 organizations in 11 industries around the Philippines. In 2019, workers last experienced a median 5.5% wage gain. This return to the pre-pandemic level indicates ongoing business expansion among the examined companies and a more upbeat outlook as the inflation rate is anticipated to drop from its high of year 2022 with 5.3% to 4.3%.

Are you interested to learn more about the current minimum wage in the Philippines?

FastJobs compiled and checked the minimum wage for the 17 regions in the Philippines as of January 16, 2023. Data is shown on the table below:

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