Keep This in Mind When Interviewing Applicants
By: Jessica Balagtas
Recruiters should be aware of the psychological factors that can influence the interview process and take steps to minimize their impact. Here are some important things that recruiters should keep in mind when interviewing applicants from a psychological perspective:
1. Avoid Stereotyping
Recruiters should avoid stereotyping applicants based on their age, gender, ethnicity, or any other demographic characteristics. They should evaluate the applicant based on their qualifications and experience for the role.

2. Active Listening
Recruiters should be active listeners, and listen carefully to the applicant's responses. They should be empathetic, and put themselves in the applicant's shoes, to help them understand the applicant's perspective.

3. Manage Nervousness
Applicants may feel nervous during an interview, which can affect their performance. Recruiters should create a comfortable and relaxed environment to help put the applicant at ease.

4. Non-Verbal Communication
Recruiters should be aware of their nonverbal communication and the signals they may be sending. Recruiters should maintain good eye contact, have a good posture, and avoid making distracting gestures.

5. Avoid Leading Questions
Recruiters should avoid leading questions that may guide the applicant to respond in a particular way. Questions should be open-ended to encourage the applicant to elaborate on their responses.

6. Use Behavioral Interview Techniques
Recruiters can use behavioral interview techniques to assess the applicant's past behaviors and how they have handled similar situations in the past. This can help to identify the applicant's strengths and weaknesses.

7. Provide Feedback
Recruiters should provide feedback to applicants, regardless of the outcome of the interview. Feedback should be specific and constructive, and highlight areas where the applicant can improve their skills or experience.

By keeping these psychological factors in mind, recruiters can conduct effective interviews that help identify the best candidates for the job, while providing a positive candidate experience. FastJobs will do its job for you in finding the right applicants, don't forget to download and register!

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