How to Ace a Job Interview
By: Alfred Cabangon
Getting hired for a job does not individually depend on your experience, knowledge and expertise. Often, it can be how well you perform during your interview that encourages your employer to start a job contract. To be considered as a powerful candidate, you need to master the necessary interview expertise to help you secure the work position. Here are the essential expertises you need that will provide you an edge over your competitors.
Research the company

Minsan hindi mo mararamdaman na isang trabaho ang iyong trabaho kung ang mga career goals mo at ng iyong kompanyang pinagtatrabahuan ay naka linya at iisa. Kapag ikaw ay naghahanap ng mga potential na kompanyang pagtatrabahuan, alamin mo rin kung ano ang values ng kompanyang ito at kung ito ba ay naka linya sa iyong mismong values sa buhay. Alamin mor in ang kanilang company mission, core values at business model. Maraming mga kompanya na sumusuporta sa mga charitable organizations o mga komunidad na nangangailanagn ng tulong. Kung ikaw mismo ay gusto mong tumulong hindi lamang sa pamilya mo kundi pati na rin sa mundo, maari mo itong i-konsidera.
Dress appropriately

It is the first part of your primary impression. You want to look well-groomed, presentable, and dressed rightly for the type of work you are applying for.

Just use some general sense when determining what to wear to the interview. I think the most common rule is to follow the dress code. So if you are applying to a restaurant where the waiters wear t-shirts and jeans, wear polo shirts and khakis to the interview.
Active listening

There is a huge difference between just hearing a person speak and actively listening to them. Active listening is an important expertise that you need to master to make your interview thriving. When you actively listen, you carefully focus on what the other person is saying, permitting you to formulate right and match responses.

One way to demonstrate this expertise is by rephrasing what your interviewer said. By paraphrasing your interview question, it shows that you are completely engaged in the conversation. Further, when you paraphrase or summarize, it will provide you more time to craft your answer. Keep in mind that being a best listener entails continued practice and dedication.
Be polite with everyone

Yes, with every person! Give your best smile and be friendly with every worker you will meet. The employer might ask workers what they thought about you after your interview.
Take the time to practice

It is best to rehearse some questions at home with friends or family members, ask them for constructive, honest feedback, jot down notes, and practice as many times as needed. This is a remarkable way to decrease interview stress, increase confidence, and sharpen your expertise. Yes, with every person! Give your best smile and be friendly with every worker you will meet. The employer might ask workers what they thought about you after your interview.
Ask plenty of questions

Asking questions shows you are really interested in the job opening, and strong right questions show that you have done your research rightly. For example, if you are applying for a lab role ask about the method they use, and what they are presently investigating.

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