By: Monique Lichangko
The Covid-19 pandemic in the Philippines has been with us for more than 2 years. It has been quite an experience for all of us, being in a condition where things have restraints and restrictions. Firms shut down, laid off workers, or even stopped operations permanently. That made job hunting extremely hard. Luckily, we are now moving towards the new normal. Firms are gradually but surely regaining their losses and recovering from the impact of the dreaded illness.

We understand that if you are searching for work, it can feel like the odds are stacked against you. That is why we created this guide to help make your life simple by letting you know essential job hunting tips. So, let's get started!
Write A Killer Cover Letter
It can be time-wasting to write a cover letter for each job, but when you write one, it will present to the employer that you are very interested in the position and took the time to market yourself. Further, a well-written cover letter will provide you an edge over the other applicants.

When you write a cover letter, it is important that you don't just repeat the information in your resume. Instead, your cover letter should have full information that is not in your resume. You can also add more elements about a particular experience or expertise that is only briefly listed in your resume.
Build A Powerful Network
Connect people working in different firms, build best relations with your college alumni and seniors. LinkedIn is a good place to grow your network and can be updated on job searches. Networking will provide you a better idea on how to navigate through the business structure, prepare you for challenges and give a steady network of support.
Aim For "Hot" Industries
Covid-19 has hit the retail, travel, restaurant, transport, and manufacturing industries hard, and many of their firms have stopped welcoming new blood as a result. But essential services are more demanding than ever, as mainstay sectors like social work and healthcare are urgently hiring for a range of positions. Cybersecurity and IT are also blooming now, as analytical and big data solutions are necessary to measure the impact of the virus.

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Be Prepared For Interviews
One can never be fully prepared for an interview. It is just natural to get cold feet, mainly if you are young. The only way to get excellent at interviews is just giving more interviews. The more you communicate with potential workers, the more you will understand better what they are looking for and how you can level up your profile. Further to this, providing more interviews will build up confidence and courage. It is a best idea to practice for interviews before actually giving one, to cover all bases. Try to be ready for both offline and online interviews.
Be Open-minded
Keep an open mind when looking for jobs near me, as this will help you find opportunities that might be missed. Don't be worried about applying for jobs that you feel are not a true match to your present skillset as job hunting is also a numbers game. The more you apply, the more chances you have to land an interview and hopefully scoop up the job offer.

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