Best Interview Questions for Employers to Ask
By: Monique Perez
It is without a doubt that jobseekers usually experience anxiety before the supposedly important day—a job interview. They are not the only ones who ought to be ready for the interview. As an employer or recruiter, you need to make a concise list of inquiries or questions that can provide you with the information you require about a candidate as quickly as possible.

During the interview, you as the employer will have the opportunity to determine whether the applicant is a suitable fit for the position, your team, and your overall corporate culture. This important information, however, can only be obtained by asking the right questions.

Here are some of the best interview questions we collected and compiled on FastJobs based on common questions that employers normally ask:
1. What's your most significant career achievement so far?

This question's response reveals the applicant's priorities and core principles. The applicant's humility and pride are encapsulated in a nutshell. How is he able to determine success? Does he place a higher importance on individual success or teamwork? This would also show if he cares about the company's success.
2. Tell us more about yourself.

Although it has been the most often asked question for years, not all applicants are familiar with the response. You can tell if a candidate is well-prepared and made an effort to construct an introduction by asking them this question. The personality of a person can be inferred from the fact that they couldn't even bother to prepare for the most frequently asked question.
3. Have you experienced any major obstacles and how did you approach them?

Employers should look for candidates who are motivated by results and have clear objectives. This is why it's so crucial to ask this question. This question aims to provide a thorough review of the applicant's prior performance, to determine if someone has adequate critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, and to try to obtain more specific information. Additionally, you might discover how they collaborate with others.
4. What's your view on continuous development and improvement of your skills and knowledge?

You want workers who will consistently advance their knowledge and skills in the workplace. Pay attention to whether the candidate anticipates receiving possibilities for advancement from the employer. Try to pinpoint the applicant's areas of weakness and ask if the organization can offer any mentoring or support.
5. What made you decide to apply for this job?

It's crucial to understand what aspects of the job most appeal to a potential hire. The response will reveal the person's motivation for applying for the position as well as his or her objective. Then you can decide if the motivation is sincere and if the job is a good fit for them.

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