Advantages of Using Text Recruitment In Hiring
By: Monique Perez
The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly altered many facets of our lives, but some of the most interesting (and newsworthy) information relates to how it has transformed the way we work and how businesses operate, especially when it comes to hiring new employees. Due to the demands for social distance, avoiding unnecessary contact with others, the rising adoption of telework by millions of workers, and other factors, businesses have been encouraged to improve their current hiring practices and develop innovative tactics.

In order for this process to be successful, recruiters or employers must constantly be in contact with candidates and respond to any new problems that may arise. Poor communication can hinder the hiring process and may eventually lead to poor choices of applicants.Text messaging is one of the most important avenues of communication for businesses as this makes hiring easier and strengthens collaboration at these early phases by giving recruiters and candidates instant, real-time information. Hence, businesses are increasingly using text recruitment into their hiring procedure.
Here are some more reasons to think about why you should start using text recruitment method:

1. Significantly Fewer Delays
One of the biggest issues for recruiters in hiring is communication delays. Even though emails are seen as more formal, they have a poor open and reply rate, which makes the hiring process unnecessarily lengthy. Since text messages have a high open rate and reply rate, text recruitment makes this process simpler. This makes it perfect for scheduling appointments, reminders, or interviews.

2. Allows Recruiters to Connect With Preferred Applicants
The best candidates for a position are what recruiters are constantly trying to match with. Lengthy application processes may discourage qualified applicants or result in poor response rates on job postings. Text recruiting enables employers to find applicants quickly, engage with them more, and make use of the software. This can be the first step in creating a strong employer brand, which will help you draw in the most qualified individuals for your company.

3. More Appealing to Gen Z's
Gen Z is expected to make up around 20% of the workforce and a third of the world's population by 2025. This enormous number suggests that recruitment procedures will unavoidably skew toward Gen Z's more technologically oriented preferences. In fact, the jobs that Gen Zers are drawn to reflect this orientation. Text messaging is one of the most popular ways of communication for this generation. If recruiters include text recruiting in their employment process, they are more likely to draw better prospects from this generation.

4.Use of Applicant Tracking Systems
In order to increase productivity and streamline processes, the majority of recruiters use applicant tracking systems (ATS). Text recruitment is ATS-compatible since recruiters can include FAQs, links to application forms that are optimized for mobile devices, and job application keywords. This enables recruiters to interact with a large number of prospects at once, sort applications according to predetermined standards, and retain messages that can track compliance. The effectiveness that results from this method lowers recruitment expenses and raises the likelihood of selecting the top candidates for a position.
It might be advantageous for businesses to incorporate texting into recruitment plans as they evaluate their hiring strategy for the years to come. If your company is interested in getting started with texting for recruitment, feel free to reach out to FastJobs, we got you covered!

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